Rodrigo San Martin

Latin America International Vice President of Medical Devices

Johnson & Johnson

Rodrigo joined Johnson & Johnson 16 years ago and has worked in the United States, Brazil and Mexico. He has held general management positions in Argentina and United Kingdom for Janssen Pharmaceutical.

Since 3 years ago he moved to his current position in the medical devices sector.

Before joining J&J he worked for companies like Exxon Mobil and General Motors.

Rodrigo graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the Universidade Federal Rio De Janeiro and Business Administration from Universidade Estadual Rio Janeiro. He later achieved an MBA, Master in Business Administration, from Vanderbilt University, Nashville in the United States of America.

Rodrigo was board member of trade associations in Argentina (CAEMe) and UK (Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, ABPI). At CAEMe (Argentina) he championed the Intellectual Property industry team. At ABPI (UK) he served as a board champion of PMCPA (ABPI Compliance Body).