Alicia Herrera

Senior Commercial Specialist

U.S. Commercial Service, Mexico City

Alicia Herrera was born in Xalapa, State of Veracruz, Mexico. She majored in International Relations at the Mexican National University (UNAM). During almost 15 years, Alicia Herrera worked for different Mexican government agencies including: Secretariat of the Interior, Secretariat of the Presidency, Department of Fisheries, Mexican Institute of Social Security, Secretariat of Education, and Secretariat of Transportation and Communications.
At the same time, she performed as Professor Attaché for Mexican Political System, Constitutional Law and Maritime Law, at the National Mexican University (UNAM).
In 1988, Alicia Herrera joined the American Embassy in Mexico City, as part of U.S. Information Agency, were she worked four years. In 1992, Alicia joined the U.S. Commercial Service as a Market Research Specialist and later became a Commercial Specialist for the Medical and Transportation sectors. She has published over 150 market research reports for the U.S. Department of Commerce.
Currently, she is the Senior Commercial Specialist in charge of medical devices, health care services and pharmaceuticals. She works closely with important public and private institutions in Mexico to promote the import of American products and services.