Ignacio Cortés



Function in EY

Ignacio currently is the leading Partner of the Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services (FIDS) area of EY in México and Central America.

Ignacio specializes in statements investigations related to occupational fraud, financial statements manipulation and other frauds. He has wide experience on the development of fraud investigation and forensic audit projects that include documentary reviews, forensics interviews and corroborative testimonies obtainment. Ignacio has also broad experience in damages and lost profit calculations, business interruption/fidelity insurance claims and alternative dispute resolution to individuals and corporations involved in domestic and cross-border disputes.

Ignacio is also specialized in acting as adviser in institutions of financial and non-financial sector about implementation of Anti-Money Laundering (AML), as well as developing and evaluating AML manuals and programs through diagnostics and reviews, advising companies in the implementation of AML choices, and the design of policies, procedures and internal controls, in order to help them with compliance of the local legislation and international standards.

Professional experience

Ignacio has over 18 years of professional experience, developing his career in the forensic audit, fraud prevention, detection, investigation, AML and Dispute Services. During these years, Ignacio managed investigations from suspected FCPA/ABC violations, management and corporates fraud, employee embezzlement and fraudulent billing practices, among others, in multiple industries, including manufacturing, retail, hospitality/restaurant, retail, communications, healthcare, real estate, financial services. Ignacio also has participated in the design of fraud prevention, detection and response projects and has supported companies to implement and evaluate anti-fraud, FCPA/ABC and AML compliance programs.

Ignacio also initiated the forensic audit practice as the Senior Manager and as a Partner, respectively, in different countries as Mexico and Colombia. Ignacio has worked in forensic projects in United States, Mexico, Panama, France, Spain, the Caribbean and Latin America (concretely Colombia and Peru).

Ignacio has experience in the use and appliances of specialized forensic technologies and applications and also knowledgeable business intelligence suites and software.