Sergio Alcantara Madeira

Executive Director

ABRAIDI (Brazil)

Sergio Alcantara Madeira is a Global Business Development Professional and Strategist with experience covering Brazil for local and multinational firms.Sergio Alcantara Madeira is a Global Business Development Professional

Executive Director from ABRAIDI (Implants and Medical Devices Importers and Distributors Brazilian Association), he is also the owner of BI Consultoria de Negócios, a São Paulo based company created in 2010, engaged in regulatory support and business for medical devices companies on the health area.

Born in Brazil, he graduated as physician at São Paulo University (USP), pos grated in public health and MBA on Marketing at the São Paulo University (USP) he has a broad cultural and business knowledge, fluent  in the three major languages English, French and Spanish, over Portuguese.

Through his experience, he is at ease to interact with high-level people in business and governmental organization (board of directors, CEOs, ministries).

Core experience and activities:

  • Actual Executive Director of ABRAIDI (Brazilian Association of Importers and Distributors of Implants) 2012/14.
  • Consulting in marketing-strategy, communication, RAQA and business development skills.
  • Consultant of Israeli Consulate in São Paulo, Brazil, have being conducing a seminar in Tel-Aviv, sponsored by   The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute in partnership   The Foreign Trade Administration and Israeli Trade Economic Mission in Brazil. In this program it was presented the health environment, market and regulatory issues, as preparatory to Hospitalar 2011 and 2012.
  • Consultant of Israeli Consulate in São Paulo/Brazil and The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute for Hospitalar 2012. In the fair, he conducted a seminar with participation Sciences and Technology Secretary of the Health Ministry and promoting meetings with Israeli and Brazilian companies.
  • Sergio worked as Marketing and RAQA for Stryker for 10 years, working in the growing of the Brazilian subsidiary, from US$ 3.5 million to US$ 40 million, getting more than 200 product registration license, quality systems.
  • He was responsible for the Stryker do Brasil program for ANVISA international GMP certification, with well succeeded inspections at the implants, material and equipment manufactures in Germany, France, Ireland, Switzerland and USA.
  • Director of importer and distributors association, ABRAIDI, from 2003 to 2011, he is co-responsible for the pioneer implantation of the ethic standards (lately ADVAMED code) and good commercial practices, with great repercussion in the Country, continued education, quality, ethics, citizenship, social responsibility. Since 2012, Executive Director of the association.
  • In his activity, he has being in constant contact with with all the stakeholders of health chain: medical societies, hospitals, HMO, manufacturers, importers and dealers, Health Ministry, ANVISA, with important participation in many symposiums and  seminars, about the medical devices business.
  • As member of Brazilian Association of the Medical Devices Importers, (ABIMED), he received an award in 2008, as coordinator of QUALITY PROJECT: RDC 59 and ISO 13485, aiming at action next to ANVISA and MERCOSUL.
  • Member of the Implant Chamber of Brazilian Medical Association (AMB), he is opinion maker for public policies, under the AMB leading;
  • The first Medical Devices Manager at the Brazilian Sanitary Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), launching the basis for the agency development, from 1998 to 2000.

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